Sunday, December 25, 2011


Few years back, I needed a slim book preferably a racey novel to read over the two hours plus span of journey from Delhi to Dibrugarh. I glanced over the books displayed in the airport book store (Odyssey) and found a slim book on an unusually tall stack of the same book. The attending salesman was courtetius enough to explain, the book was the best seller from their store for last fifteen days. I picked up a copy, as usual checked the back cover. A new novlist named Chetan Bhagat, presumably a nerd has writen a novel. I wondered why people are reading his nerdy statements. I picked up the book "Five Point Someone" which costed me less than a hundred bucks and with an intention of having a good nap if I got bored with the book.

It was an exhilirating experience once I started reading the first page and could not put the book down till I finished the last fullstop. Chetan Bhagat has that in his writtings. His language is remarkably Indian, unlike other Indian english writers and the story line is engaging. Those who perfected their english by reading Shakespear, Wordsworth, Wodehouse, Arther Connon Doyle will find it very annoying to find some unorthodox english expressions but that is what is being liked by millions.

Then the controversy cropped up of giving credit to story writer even if its movie right is purchased. I did never agree that Aamir Khan did a splendid job as the hero in the movie version (3 Idiots), but that helped them both. The movie turned out to be a big success and Chetan Bhagat became a household name.

Chetan Bhagat followed me up with few more books "One Night @ the Call Centre", "The 3 Mistakes of My Life", "Two States" and "Revolution 2020" at regular interval. His popularity grew day by day across all genre and ages. I found my wife reading "Five Point Someone" recently, she was quick to explain that was her fifth reading. Teen son devoured all of them and Chetan Bhagat became his third favourite after his music player and Arsenal FC. Tween one started reading him discreetly, when we found out, we allowed him to read Chetan Bhagat as he has only one year more to his teens, a lame excuse I must admit.

We can always have some lame excuses to favour our favorite writer.

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  1. Was a nice read, both your blog and CB's novels. I collided with Five Point Someone somewhere in 2008 and am an ardent fan of Bhagat ever since. Have read all of his books. He is my favorite :)