Thursday, February 2, 2012


Fashion is a ongoing phenomena, what is fashionable today, tomorrow the same thing is so unfashionable. It is really a hard job to keep up with the current trend. I am not that fashion conscious; but like all, I like to be at present not something like an old relic. I can not exactly remember how many pairs of trousers, shirts, shoes and jackets were crying for my attention at various stages of my life before giving them away to the needy.

I had some favorite dresses, specially those, which were part of some of my most memorable time, were there in the wardrobe for longer days crying for my attention. They get attention after some interval but not what a shirt would like to like. The jacket I was wearing that drew attention of my better half to me, was bright red with yellow stripes. That jacket was there in wardrobe for the longest as my fashion misstatement. Now, I wriggle at the very thought of wearing that jacket ever, but I did that and met my future wife. Hence, a strong misstatement of fashion sometime can be a gainful act.

Going back a few more years to my tween days the fashion world was very colorful, with lots of floral shirts, bellbottoms and platform shoes. The world just whizzed past tight pants and long pointed shoes era. John Travolta with his epic pose of lifted finger adored most of our walls. We yearned to wear a pair of bellbottoms but that was something impossible with our totalatarian parents (what all my tween friends thought at that point of time) around. But hindi movies openly propagated the idea: the smarts and handsomer wear nothing but floral shirts, bellbottoms, two inch wide belt with huge buckles and platform shoes. We felt like outcast in a group of fashioned teens even if  we were not welcome guests.

John Travolta
Cover of John Travolta

Suddenly, the impossible happened, the brightest amongst us who we thought had the hardest boiled egg parents turned up with a flared trouser, a bellbottom. That too with his parent in toes. That was the much needed lead, immediately we started impressing our parents in our own individual ways for the yearned styled flared trousers.

Bohag Bihu is the biggest occassion in the part where I lived, and everybody wear new clothes on the first day of this festival. My father asked me to report to the nearby cloth-store from where we bought most of our family clothing needs and to place an order for stiching a trouser for me with slight flare at the bottom. It should be modest and suit my age of  (ripe) twelve and half. Cycling to the store was the fastest cycling I ever did and could put Lance Armstrong to shame. Placed the order after selecting a suitable apparel for it and waited till the first day of Bihu,  on which date the trouser shall be delivered.  As a very special case the shop shall remain open in the first half of the day to meet the order deadlines.

I waited with much anticipation for the trouser which was very much obvious to my mother, and enjoyed it.

The first thing I did on Bihu was to have a bath and have breakfast of Pithas and Jalpan of delicacies availble only in that part of the world in traditional attire of dhuti, gamocha and chapkan. Slowly I took out my cycle and went to the cloth store and changed my dress to the newly stiched bellbottom and cycled back to my home.

Everybody, I met on the road wished me before I could; and complimented my dress. Elation is the word to express how I felt.

Back home by the time some relatives, friends gathered to wish and to enjoy the customery pithas. I proudly entered the room in my new dress. The first persom I met was my father, whose mouth fell open dropping almost every piece of pithas he had in his mouth to his lap. The reason: the trouser was the brightest yellow colored with maximum possible flared bellbottom.

The day was saved, though rods were not spared in those days to correct spoilt sons. Only because nobody spank their sons on the day of Bihu . That was the last occasion I wore my dream bellbottom. I overgrew it in next six months.

I still have the Yellow Pair of Bellbottom in my memory box and it will be there till I am there to remind me of my fads and whims of my eventful journey of life.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am somewhat musically inclined, my family doesn't subscribe to the statement. They have the fortune or mis-fortune of hearing me singing. I could never play any musical instrument including tabla, my father  employed a tabla teacher for me during my childhood. I used to sneak away when the tabla teacher turned up and played my game of football. It was a failed experiment for my father. But I developed a good ear to music during my teens and I think that is really required. All of us are not born with musical talent, and the musical performers without talent but with lots of practice generally fails to impress and never reach pinnacle.

A good tune heard gets stuck in sub-conscious mind, keeps coming out if one is in mood and alone. This is the precise reason I don't carry a personal music player. Someone had coined a very beautiful word "bathroom-singer", and I am proud to be one. I like music of old genre: folk, country, soft rock, devotional, blues. 

Assamese music world is vibrant, with some very talented musician and singers. I think, the secret of this vibrancy is the scenic beauty of Assam, the evergreen trees and beautiful weather which cannot but inspire the people of Assam to be happy and in good mood.We had the fortune of having one of the most complete singer in Assamese language Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. There are many more worth mentioning but the list will be long. 

Bhupen Hazarika
Image via Wikipedia
Around one year back my teen son handed me a CD  named "JOI-Looking out of the window" and I kept it in the CD rack of my car. I am a faithful listener to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Dido, Smokie and some assorted music carefully chosen over a long period of time from various artistes. I regret of ignoring the CD till a month back, as it was a pleasant experience hearing the songs. The singer Joi Barua is a talented one and his voice matches the hard rock requirements. I used to listen some Iron Maiden, Grateful Dead and  could somewhat appreciate hard rocks with some help from friends (Syamanta Gogoi and Bendong Wati Ao). 

The most striking number to me is Aikon Baikon,  the vocals of Joi Barua was supported marvelously  by Pawan Rasaily (lead guitar), Ibson Lal Barua (rhythm guitar), Manash Chowdhary (bass guitar) and Partho Goswami (drums). All the songs are pleasantly different and soothing to ears. Abani Tanti should get special mention as he is one who inspired the production of this album like many other ventures. I only hope the group continues to produce such music in Assamese, that will matter in the long run.

One can foresee a bright future in Assamese Music with such groups being there.

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Friday, January 6, 2012


So many words were minced to describe the perplexities of various events, anything but a concrete and comprehensible has come out. Perplexity, itself is with few more added dimensions to complexities which is already incomprehensible in nature. 

Lets examine a simple example of going to a store to buy a bar of bath soap. The complexities of the process is many fold: how to go, where to go, which brand, at what price range, of what color, hardness of the bar, foaming capacity vis-a-vis cleaning capacity and on and on and on. The simplest of example can explain the great complexities of finding a subatomic particle and establishing its properties in a flux of radiated energy packets.

When our judgement is involved in those complexities the perplexities takes over. The perplexity induced or simply perplexed mind raises confusions and contradictions. it is virtually impossible to perform any job if we ignore the complexities and resulting perplexities of that job. One’s body language is often an indication of the perplexity his mind is going through.

Image by giulia ester via Flickr

Perplexity is not limited to superior mind of human being, it is observed in animal world too. One can observe the perplexed mind of a dog, cat or any other pet if minutely observed.

The initiation of perplexities in ones mind is a process. Though the process seems to be simple enough it is perplexing enough to insert more in the following flowchart:


Oh, Perplexing! 

The whole world is, including my new mobile.
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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Suddenly another year passed by ushering in a new one along with lots of hope, aspirations, anticipations, dreams and wishes.

If I look back to last year, I am amazed to find so many firsts, good times, friends and what not. It is really interesting life never stops to crop up surprises, those surprises make it more interesting. In the amazing journey of life one has to be ready for the unknown corners around the street. Succumb to your Fads and Whims and make it more interesting.

Let me wish my reader tons of good wishes for the new year, let us have more nice surprises and have the best  part of the cake of life.

Lets say: Fantastic life!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Few years back, I needed a slim book preferably a racey novel to read over the two hours plus span of journey from Delhi to Dibrugarh. I glanced over the books displayed in the airport book store (Odyssey) and found a slim book on an unusually tall stack of the same book. The attending salesman was courtetius enough to explain, the book was the best seller from their store for last fifteen days. I picked up a copy, as usual checked the back cover. A new novlist named Chetan Bhagat, presumably a nerd has writen a novel. I wondered why people are reading his nerdy statements. I picked up the book "Five Point Someone" which costed me less than a hundred bucks and with an intention of having a good nap if I got bored with the book.

It was an exhilirating experience once I started reading the first page and could not put the book down till I finished the last fullstop. Chetan Bhagat has that in his writtings. His language is remarkably Indian, unlike other Indian english writers and the story line is engaging. Those who perfected their english by reading Shakespear, Wordsworth, Wodehouse, Arther Connon Doyle will find it very annoying to find some unorthodox english expressions but that is what is being liked by millions.

Then the controversy cropped up of giving credit to story writer even if its movie right is purchased. I did never agree that Aamir Khan did a splendid job as the hero in the movie version (3 Idiots), but that helped them both. The movie turned out to be a big success and Chetan Bhagat became a household name.

Chetan Bhagat followed me up with few more books "One Night @ the Call Centre", "The 3 Mistakes of My Life", "Two States" and "Revolution 2020" at regular interval. His popularity grew day by day across all genre and ages. I found my wife reading "Five Point Someone" recently, she was quick to explain that was her fifth reading. Teen son devoured all of them and Chetan Bhagat became his third favourite after his music player and Arsenal FC. Tween one started reading him discreetly, when we found out, we allowed him to read Chetan Bhagat as he has only one year more to his teens, a lame excuse I must admit.

We can always have some lame excuses to favour our favorite writer.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


During my childhood days my father used to boast about his Olivetti typewriter. It was a beauty, encased in a brief case and with greenish taint paint. He owned it for at least two decades and  if somebody asked about his typewriter he felt good. I can not recall that he used it very regularly, except for typing out occasional official letters. All personal letters were hand written in those days. My father gifted it to someone who really needed it and felt very good for the rest of his life.

I got a mobile connection a few years back and settled for a good basic handset, I was the proud owner of it for around three years. However, I had to upgrade as my colleagues already did and bought a swanky new handset while on tour with some additional features like one mega pixel camera, music player etc. without thinking of even consulting my family. On dinner table when I announced my new mobile handset:

You had one already!
Why did you settle for one mega pixel?
Does it have boom box? (what was that)
What about e-mail facility? Synchronization? GPRS? Push mail?
Apps availability, compatibility? etc. etc.

It was a discussion among us for a very long time without me participating. I was not the proud owner of my new swanky mobile any longer. I needed a better model with better facilities and meeting all the parameters discussed in this grand forum. Probably then only I shall be a "proud owner".

I secretly negotiated with my tween son, he was happy to keep the set as a music player without connection, once I buy a new set which will make me feel good. I consulted with my colleagues, googled and settled for a pricey handset with touch screen, tons of apps and amazing processing power beyond my laptop (a three year old vintage).

Oh, a new mobile!
Dad, you should have waited for another two months, better models are coming to market.
Can it up upgraded to newer version of software? 
Facebook, Tweeter, GPS?
etc. etc.

Another long discussion, but I was mentally prepared to remain loyal to this new handset. It burnt my pocket to a very wide hole. After that there were two newer versions of this handset within one year or so. I resisted my ardent urge to buy the newer versions and be an example to my sons on mental strength.

On a fine day, my teen son impressed me to hand over this set to him as he was tired with his old set and exhausted his pocket money and I should buy the latest version which will make me feel good. I got much awaited desired support, so I bought the latest model available in town costing a fortune. I kept it in my pocket, did not inform about it during dinner. I am going to use it for making phone call and for text message, but I am no so sure if I shall be a proud owner. Other facilities? No I am not that adept to them and do not find any use of those mostly unnecessary apps. My wife knew my plight of fidgeting those apps to her dismay. She discovered the new set when I placed on bedside table, she just whispered

Oh, another new mobile!

and fell asleep without uttering another word.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


When I passed on the information on my planning to start a blog to my family-"Oh' another new blog'; pat came the reply in unison from my wife, a teen and a tween sons.

Where will you find time? 
What will you write?
You are not very good at expression even you face is not expressive.
Lets see for how many days the blog will last.
OK,agreed but what will be the name of the blog?

I told them I have already registered and passed the name and the domain of my blog to them. Suddenly, a loud silence filled the room with apprehensions. Five minutes passed, my tween son encouraged me "Dad you can do anything with elan, just like my last project work ". That was when he was six, now he is twelve; but I knew he was genuine. Teen aged one requested to write and read at least twice before posting, at seventeen he can give me advise, I felt very proud for him.

My wife agreed to extend her valuable supports in all forms, including but not limited to encouragement, if possible, by contributing her writings.

So, here I am with lots of gutso in front of you.