Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am somewhat musically inclined, my family doesn't subscribe to the statement. They have the fortune or mis-fortune of hearing me singing. I could never play any musical instrument including tabla, my father  employed a tabla teacher for me during my childhood. I used to sneak away when the tabla teacher turned up and played my game of football. It was a failed experiment for my father. But I developed a good ear to music during my teens and I think that is really required. All of us are not born with musical talent, and the musical performers without talent but with lots of practice generally fails to impress and never reach pinnacle.

A good tune heard gets stuck in sub-conscious mind, keeps coming out if one is in mood and alone. This is the precise reason I don't carry a personal music player. Someone had coined a very beautiful word "bathroom-singer", and I am proud to be one. I like music of old genre: folk, country, soft rock, devotional, blues. 

Assamese music world is vibrant, with some very talented musician and singers. I think, the secret of this vibrancy is the scenic beauty of Assam, the evergreen trees and beautiful weather which cannot but inspire the people of Assam to be happy and in good mood.We had the fortune of having one of the most complete singer in Assamese language Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. There are many more worth mentioning but the list will be long. 

Bhupen Hazarika
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Around one year back my teen son handed me a CD  named "JOI-Looking out of the window" and I kept it in the CD rack of my car. I am a faithful listener to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Dido, Smokie and some assorted music carefully chosen over a long period of time from various artistes. I regret of ignoring the CD till a month back, as it was a pleasant experience hearing the songs. The singer Joi Barua is a talented one and his voice matches the hard rock requirements. I used to listen some Iron Maiden, Grateful Dead and  could somewhat appreciate hard rocks with some help from friends (Syamanta Gogoi and Bendong Wati Ao). 

The most striking number to me is Aikon Baikon,  the vocals of Joi Barua was supported marvelously  by Pawan Rasaily (lead guitar), Ibson Lal Barua (rhythm guitar), Manash Chowdhary (bass guitar) and Partho Goswami (drums). All the songs are pleasantly different and soothing to ears. Abani Tanti should get special mention as he is one who inspired the production of this album like many other ventures. I only hope the group continues to produce such music in Assamese, that will matter in the long run.

One can foresee a bright future in Assamese Music with such groups being there.

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Friday, January 6, 2012


So many words were minced to describe the perplexities of various events, anything but a concrete and comprehensible has come out. Perplexity, itself is with few more added dimensions to complexities which is already incomprehensible in nature. 

Lets examine a simple example of going to a store to buy a bar of bath soap. The complexities of the process is many fold: how to go, where to go, which brand, at what price range, of what color, hardness of the bar, foaming capacity vis-a-vis cleaning capacity and on and on and on. The simplest of example can explain the great complexities of finding a subatomic particle and establishing its properties in a flux of radiated energy packets.

When our judgement is involved in those complexities the perplexities takes over. The perplexity induced or simply perplexed mind raises confusions and contradictions. it is virtually impossible to perform any job if we ignore the complexities and resulting perplexities of that job. One’s body language is often an indication of the perplexity his mind is going through.

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Perplexity is not limited to superior mind of human being, it is observed in animal world too. One can observe the perplexed mind of a dog, cat or any other pet if minutely observed.

The initiation of perplexities in ones mind is a process. Though the process seems to be simple enough it is perplexing enough to insert more in the following flowchart:


Oh, Perplexing! 

The whole world is, including my new mobile.
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