Friday, January 6, 2012


So many words were minced to describe the perplexities of various events, anything but a concrete and comprehensible has come out. Perplexity, itself is with few more added dimensions to complexities which is already incomprehensible in nature. 

Lets examine a simple example of going to a store to buy a bar of bath soap. The complexities of the process is many fold: how to go, where to go, which brand, at what price range, of what color, hardness of the bar, foaming capacity vis-a-vis cleaning capacity and on and on and on. The simplest of example can explain the great complexities of finding a subatomic particle and establishing its properties in a flux of radiated energy packets.

When our judgement is involved in those complexities the perplexities takes over. The perplexity induced or simply perplexed mind raises confusions and contradictions. it is virtually impossible to perform any job if we ignore the complexities and resulting perplexities of that job. One’s body language is often an indication of the perplexity his mind is going through.

Image by giulia ester via Flickr

Perplexity is not limited to superior mind of human being, it is observed in animal world too. One can observe the perplexed mind of a dog, cat or any other pet if minutely observed.

The initiation of perplexities in ones mind is a process. Though the process seems to be simple enough it is perplexing enough to insert more in the following flowchart:


Oh, Perplexing! 

The whole world is, including my new mobile.
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